Helping you to develop more balanced and helpful ways of thinking to improve how you feel about yourself and your overall quality of life

  • You feel anxious much of the time and struggle to cope
  • Worry has always been part of your life and you cannot seem to control that feeling
  • You have never felt good enough and this affects how content you feel about your life and what you do
  • You feel overwhelmed by life events but also feel numb at times
  • You feel alone and isolated from others in your life and struggle to connect with others
  • You feel that your own childhood experiences impact on how you feel about yourself and relate to others
  • You have experienced trauma or loss and are finding it difficult to move beyond what happened
  • It feels as though much of what you experience in your life is like a cycle and you don’t know why this happens or how to change it
  • You feel a sense of panic when you are alone or in different social situations and want to feel in control

Welcome to Online CBT Therapy

I appreciate that it is really hard to seek help when you are not feeling good about yourself or your situation. You feel that you are struggling enough without feeling exposed and vulnerable by sharing your real thoughts to a therapist but this is why this is the right time for you to seek therapy. This may be the first time that you have taken that step to discuss your thoughts and feelings or you may have done this before but it maybe was not the right time for you or not the right therapeutic approach. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is all about making changes to improve your life and your own view of yourself.

I believe that working collaboratively we can make those changes.

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I am a CBT Practitioner who can support you to make changes to improve your life

Individual Therapy

I provide individual therapy for adults and adolescents


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